• Mike Cotter

Get Better Soon !!

We all send our best wishes and hope that the following people who have not been too well lately, are feeling much better very soon.

Therese Kearton..glad you have got through this week which has been a very difficult period for you...great you could come to choir last night

Harry Ward.. Harry as I said last week your determination and enthusiasm are second to none and so amazing...keep up the good work Harry.... and good luck at the Amyloid Center next week...we are all thinking of you.

Joyce Pickup...So glad to see you looking so very well Joyce. Great to have you back at choir.

Holly Kearns...Holly great to see you at choir last night, although you weren't feeling your best. Just keep improving Holly.

Elaine Midgley...Elaine as I said last week, hope you are feeling better and you will soon be back at choir.

Maureen Watson....Maureen, so pleased to hear you are doing great...keep up the good work and am sure you will be back at choir and walking very soon..

Jean Smith...Jean great to see you at choir last night and hope things improve very soon.

Jean Pollard...Jean glad you are over the worst and that you feel better every day. Geoff is keeping me up to date...everyone at choir sends their best wishes.

Alan Rogerson...Alan so sorry you are not feeling well, and we all hope you will get better very soon. Everyone at choir sends their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kath Birchall...Kath sorry you haven't been feeling too well this week, am sure you will be fit and well for the Isle of Man next week.

We miss you all !!

Once again I really hope I haven't forgotten anyone, so if I have please get better soon. If there is anything whatsoever we can do to help, please let me or someone at Choir know and we will do our very best to help in any way possible.

We are not just a Choir ...we are much, much more than that !

We are a group of people who care, who help, who thoroughly enjoy each others company and friendship, and who thoroughly enjoy every minute of our Choir..

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