• Mike Cotter

East Lancashire Hospice £200 Cheque

Pictures of the ladies who make and serve refreshments at rehearsals, which enabled us to donate the wonderful amount of £200...being the profits made from the tea and refreshments... Thank you so kindly ladies !!! and thanks to all the choir for the amount raised.

The ladies in the pictures are Joyce Walkden, Sylvia Lewis and Joyce Pickup (seated)...who incidentally was pictured here at rehearsal only 5 weeks after having a hip replacement...AMAZING !!...keep up the good work Joyce.

There are other ladies not pictured who help in the kitchen when needed...Holly Kearns, Rose Glaister, Lilian Nicholson, Lou Moore and more...and am sure there are more who we don't see, so for anyone who helps in the kitchen...Thank You !!!

An amazing amount raised for The Hospice.


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