• Joyce Hudson

Refreshments Help East Lancashire Hospice

Some time ago at choir rehearsals we agreed that everyone should contribute a nominal amount of money to help with the cost of refreshments at our weekly choir rehearsals. This money has more than covered the costs, as the ladies who purchase our supplies buy very wisely, provide us with very welcome tasty biscuits, and tea/coffee and still have some money left over.

As this extra money had mounted up to £200, it was decided that we should donate it to a local charity and it was unanimously decided that the East Lancashire Hospice should be the beneficiary.

Earlier this week, Syl Lewis (just one of the ladies who helps with the refreshments - and there are several more) and Mike Cotter, our Choir Manager, went to the Hospice to meet Sharon Crymble and present her with a cheque for £200 on behalf of all the choir members.


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