• Glenys Colling


On Sunday 12th November, a party of 25 of the choir members and friends went to the Lowry Theatre at Salford Quays to watch Gareth Malone, who was accompanied by the Swingles and the Ayoub Sisters.

Gareth played keyboard, sang some of his own songs and also played several guitars during the show, all of which were very different, as well as accompanying the other musicians on some occasions.

The Swingles were a multi talented group of seven people who sang with wonderful sound effects, starting with a Bach piece, which sounded as if it was played by musical instruments rather than human voices. They also sang several songs, some of them being solos.

The Ayoub Sisters were classically trained musicians, one playing a violin and the other one a cello, they had innovative equipment which recorded the ongoing sound and then played it back throughout the act making it very entertaining.

After a chilly wait for the coach to take us to Salford, we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time


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